About Us

About Our Work

Accusur products are sourced from quality manufacturers.
We ensure each instrument is as per standard design and quality craftsmanship.

About Us

“Accu-Sur” means accurate and precise surgical instruments manufactured with quality raw material and quality craftsmanship.

“Accu-Sur” ensures that all the instruments featuring in our catalog are made of the highest grade German/ French/ Japanese stainless steel. We use about 13 variants of steel to manufacture different products mentioned in our catalogue and follow ASTM-899 standards. We ensure our products have precision and reliability, consistency of pattern, and uniform surface.

Our existence stems from the need to have quality product at affordable prices. We aim to provide healthcare professionals with the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. We pride ourselves on being the Surgical Instrument Specialists and being a complete source for all your instrument needs. We cross reference most instrument companies and can often source the unique and hard to find instruments not found in our catalog. We are happy to do the research if you provide a cross reference number or a picture.


“Accu-Sur” instruments are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects of material or workmanship. This guarantee is void if instruments are not maintained or repaired properly, or if they are not used for their intended surgical purpose. Tungsten carbide inserts on scissors, needle holders, and wire cutters are guaranteed for three years.

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